Dr. Magda Szczesniak

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Dr. Magda Szczesniak

Dr. Magda Szcześniak, Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies, Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw

Home Country:  Poland

Project Title:      Images of Change: Politics of Representing Social Mobility
Shock, excitement, anger, hope, feeling of loss, joy, resentment etc. – Upward and downward social mobility, often described through a range of quantifiable criteria, are also complex processes engaging (often extreme) emotions that have the capability of structuring the subject’s identity. This interdisciplinary project seeks to develop tools for analyzing and reflecting on the forms of expressing emotions which are a constitutive part of processes of upward and downward social mobility. Drawing on a number of methodologies – cultural studies, affect studies, working class studies, gender studies – the project will examine a wide range of representations from different cultural contexts and historical periods.

Duke Faculty Associate & Affiliation: Fredric Jameson, Literature Program

Grant Start Date:  August 20, 2019
Grant End Date:    April 20, 2020

Members of the Duke community are encouraged to reach out to the scholars for guest lectures or other forms of academic collaboration. Dr. Magda Szcześniak's email is magda.szczesniak@duke.edu.