Dr. Sang Kook Lee

Dr. Sang Kook Lee
Dr. Sang Kook Lee

Dr. Sang Kook Lee, Professor - Cultural Anthropology, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

Home Country:  South Korea

Project Title:      Resettled Refugees' Adaptation: A Comparative Study Between Korea and the United States
His proposed research intends to compare resettled refugees' adaptation to the host society with a comparative scope between Korea and the United States. Korea began a refugee resettlement program in 2015, which was regarded by international communities as a big development in the Korean government's refugee policies. In comparison, the United States has a long history of resettling refugees and has contributed a lot to the solution of protracted predicament of refugee crises. In this regard, the project demonstrates different styles of policy implementation as well as resettled refugees' adaptation to the host society.

Duke Faculty Associate & Affiliation: Yan Li, Asian/Pacific Studies Institute, AMES

Grant Start Date:  January 10, 2020
Grant End Date:    January 9, 2021

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Dr. Sang Kook Lee's
email is. caskl@yonsei.ac.kr.