2018-Present: Dr. Piotr Plewa

Duke University Center for International & Global Studies is pleased to host Dr. Piotr Plewa as a Visiting Research Scholar for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years.


Dr. Piotr Plewa

Field Specialties

International migration, international development, labor policies, South and East Asia, Europe, Latin America


Dr. Piotr Plewa specializes in international labor migration.  He taught the subject as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Delaware and has published in academic journals including International Migration, Journal of Comparative Population Studies, and the Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration.

Most recently, Dr. Plewa authored Migration in the Maldives, the first comprehensive study of migration to the Maldives (forthcoming). The study was commissioned by International Organization for Migration and Maldivian Ministry of Economic Development as a part of a broader effort to enhance the Maldivian government’s ability to collect migration data and develop evidence-based labor migration policies.  

Prior to his work in the Maldives, Dr. Plewa gained extensive experience in migration policy research through his work for the World Bank, International Labor Organization (ILO), International Organization for Migration (IOM), International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), and Poland’s Ministry of Labor. Among others, he estimated migration costs of migrant workers from several countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe to Spain, as a part of a broader World Bank - ILO effort to approximate and reduce migration costs incurred by migrant workers.  The United Nations has recently recognized the reduction of migration costs as a part of Sustainable Development Goal to reduce inequality within and among countries.

As a DUCIGS Visiting Research Scholar, Dr. Plewa will continue research on labor migration and assist national governments in the development of more effective data collection and labor migration policies. In collaboration with the International Labor Organization and El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Dr. Plewa will develop a survey of migration costs incurred by Central American migrant workers in Mexico. In collaboration with the International Organization for Migration, Dr. Plewa will develop labor migration policy recommendations for the government of Sri Lanka. These recommendations are aimed to inform the development of Sri Lanka’s first labor immigration policies.

Dr. Plewa aspires to establish a concerted research on migration at Duke. With this long-term goal in mind, he will engage the Duke Community in discussing the nexus between migration and development by organizing a session on migration and development at the Inaugural Duke Conference on International Development.

Dr. Plewa is looking forward to engaging with Duke students, faculty and the administration on migration-related initiatives. He may be reached by e-mail at