2018-2019: Dr. Simon Mollan

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Dr. Simon Mollan

Duke University Center for International & Global Studies is pleased to host Dr. Simon Mollan as a Visiting Research Scholar for the 2018-2019 academic year.


International business history, financial history, the role of economic ideas in management and organization


Dr. Simon Mollan is Associate Professor at the York Management School, University of York, where he is Director of doctoral training in Sustainable growth, Management, and Economic Productivity at the ESRC White Rose Consortium of universities in the North of England. Previously he held post at the University of Liverpool, Durham University, and York St. John University. He has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Durham University and the University of Glasgow, and a Ph.D. in economic and business history from Durham University. His research is focused on international business history, financial history, and the role of economic ideas in management and organization. His current projects include a comparative social and organizational history of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, the intellectual history and contemporary impact of anti-managerialism, and the transformation of British international investment/business in the course of the twentieth century. While at Duke he has been focusing on the role of the banking sector and international business in the development of island tax havens and the development of offshore financial services in the period after 1945, as well as finishing a book on the economic and business history of Sudan. He is currently Chair of the Management History Research Group (UK) and the President of the Economic and Business History Society (US).