Graduate Opportunities at VIU

VIU International PhD Academy

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This is an intensive training program for PhD candidates from the member universities of VIU. The Academy is a 7-10 day event, which includes a scientific program and a parallel program of training and workshops that provides PhD candidates with training in a range of skills that will be useful in developing their research and academic careers. Financial support is available to candidates from the Member Universities, including Duke, to support international travel, and accommodation costs.


Upcoming Program:

Global Challenges Initiatives: Sustainable Energy
July 9-13, 2018

Application Deadline: Not currently accepting applications

The goal of this PhD Academy is to facilitate learning, discussion and exchanging ideas to address the challenging issues in Renewable Energy. More specifically, these activities will cover:

  • production, integration and utilization of renewable energy;
  • state of the art electrochemical devices for production, storage and utilization of electrical energy;
  • recent advances in synthesis and characterization of related materials and their energy applications.

Equipped with this knowledge, participants will become ambassadors and defenders of technologies for sustainable development in their environment. Seminars, oral and poster presentations, soft skills trainings are among the activities of the Academy. Students will present their research in poster sessions.

VIU Graduate Seminars

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These are thematic intensive seminars given in a concentrated period on subjects of universal interest, open to a broad spectrum of disciplines. They are suited to both Master's and PhD students and are open to candidates from all the VIU member institutions. Students from the VIU member universities will pay no participation fees. Grant support is also available to support the costs of international travel and accommodation.

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Upcoming Program:

Sustainable Social Security
October 8 - 12, 2018

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Application Deadline: August 31, 2018

During an intensive one-week program, young researchers starting on their PhD (one year progress) will be able to present and discuss their PhD research linked to social security, while at the same time attending several lectures on research methodology and on comparative research in the field of social security they will be able to reflect on sustainability in a group of their peers.

The principle of sustainability will be the central theme around which the one-week program will be built. When looking at recent developments in national social security systems and European/international monitoring programs, sustainability is referred to as a major objective to be respected by social policy makers. Yet what is to be understood by this principle? The guiding question during the seminar is whether there is something like a common understanding of the principle of sustainability in the field of social security, valid across various disciplines and in a cross-national setting. The seminar is divided into a three-day training session followed by a two-day conference open to a broader audience of experts.

VIU Summer/Autumn Schools

Since 2012, VIU has supported the development of a series of VIU Summer Schools, which are intensive taught programs that are offered each year. These programs focus on specific themes which are of common interest to the members involved and which have been identified as strategic for the VIU consortium, for example: sustainable development, preservation of cultural heritage, and the challenges that society faces today due to aging populations. They may be addressed to students of varying levels, depending on the program. The Schools are also open to applicants outside of the VIU membership.

Summer 2018 programs:


Summer Institute on Ageing
June 4-9, 2018

Application Deadline: Not currently accepting applications

The VIU Summer Institute on Ageing offers a “state-of-the-art” program which will provide the students with a thorough understanding of the ageing process, ranging from recent advances of the medical and epidemiological literature, to an extensive treatment of the economic dimension (pensions and long term care) and of the sociological dimensions (intergenerational transfers, role of family networks). Special attention will be given to the use of large micro-data sets, such as SHARE (Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe) and sister surveys. This edition of the Summer Institute will have a focus on Ageing and Gender. The last three days will be organized in collaboration with the COST action IS1409, focusing on “Gender implications of extending working lives”, with common sessions on June 7-8 and an optional COST session on June 9.

Please contact the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies (DUCIGS) to discuss these opportunities.

Contact information:
Ms. Amanda Frederick
Assistant Director, DUCIGS
p: 919-668-1663