Graduate Working Groups on Global Issues

The Duke University Center for International & Global Studies (DUCIGS) invites proposals for Graduate Working Groups on Global Issues at the start of each academic year. Within this program are thematic working groups that are both interdisciplinary in their membership and student-driven in design. Meetings should be held at least four times each semester, during which students are encouraged to share their individual perspectives on topics of a global nature. Often, selected readings are discussed, and students have the opportunity to present their own research to the group in order to receive feedback from a variety of disciplinary points of view. DUCIGS provides funding for expenses related to meetings, such as readings, audio-visual materials and food. In addition, groups are eligible to request support for special programming during the academic year, such as for workshops, symposia, mini-conferences, and publications.

In conjunction with DUCIGS during the current academic year, some of the Graduate Working Groups are being co-sponsored by the Africa Initiative, the Asian American Studies Program and the Global Asia Initiative. They intend to support proposals whose themes are consistent with their specific world regions and/or special areas of interest.

  • The Africa Initiative will support groups that involve thematically the countries and cultures of the African continent. AI encourages discussion about African politics, economics, society, and culture and fosters interdisciplinary academic and research collaborations related to Africa on campus.
  • The Asian American Studies Program supports interdisciplinary study of the historical and current-day status of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and the Asian diaspora in the United States and beyond. Graduate students from the humanities and social sciences who are pursuing work related to Asian American history, literature, visual arts, performance, activism, among other topics, are encouraged to apply.
  • The Global Asia Initiative will support the exploration of connections between Asian nations, cultures and ecosystems, particularly these nations' shared challenges related to politics, security, environmental pollution, and climate change.

The Call for Proposals is Open.

you must apply using the qualtrics link - complete & submit online.
Deadline for receipt of proposals is 5PM Monday, September 16th, 2019.

Global Graduate Working Groups
The Duke University Center for International & Global Studies sponsored the following working groups during the 2018-2019 Academic Year. In addition, the Global Asia Initiative (GAI)(*) and Africa Initiative (AI)(**) co-sponsored two groups each.
See individual descriptions and coordinator contact information.
  • Challenges in International Development
  • Forest Elephant**
  • Graduates Engineering & Researching Microbiomes (GERM)
  • Global Environmental Health & Energy
  • Identity, Subjectivity & Urban Imagination in East Asia*
  • Informed Choices for Equitable Development
  • Land Conflicts & Reforms in Africa: Past, Present & Future (DAGPSA)**
  • Marxism: History, Theory & Practice
  • (The) Moving Aesthetics of Empire
  • Ocean Policy
  • Slavery, War and Gender
  • State & Economic Development in Asia*