Policy & Organizational Management Program

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Welcome to the Policy and Organizational Management Program (POMP), a cultivation ground where creativity and novel applications thrive, theories meet practice, and original interdisciplinary research leads to new insights and lasting impacts. We design and facilitate unique platforms that enable continued learning and professional growth by partnering with public agencies, private organizations, and collaborating academic and research institutions. A major distinguishing attribute of POMP programming is our comprehensive approach to meaningful integration of disciplines and methodologies in teaching, research, exchange, and practice.

POMP’s custom seminars and special topic symposia bring together knowledge and experiences from leading scholars and field experts in:

  • economics and finance
  • human capital and social system
  • international trade and development
  • management and leadership
  • organizational theory
  • policy strategies and public administration
  • public and global health

The diverse research projects developed and conducted by POMP and its associates also incorporate and examine subjects relating to:

  • consumer insights
  • decision science
  • health behavior
  • marketing and operations management
  • service industry and quality evaluation
  • social psychology
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SPECIAL EVENTS (since 2011):