Executive Programs

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The Policy and Organizational Management Program (POMP) works directly and cooperatively with domestic and international corporations, academic institutions, and foreign governments to customize a variety of professional development programs for executives, senior civil servants, ranking officials, faculty, and advanced students.

Our executive education programming is individually designed to meet the vision, needs, and specific requests of sponsoring organizations. All program designs are therefore tailored to each group and reflect a balanced curriculum by incorporating academic seminars, interactive symposia, practical exchanges, and field immersion with renowned scholars, industry professionals, and government officials to offer both theoretical and empirical insights. Participants broaden their perspectives with fresh paradigms, strengthen their evaluation and analytical skills, share experiences with counterparts, and embrace innovative ways of thinking, leading, and creating.

POMP pioneers cross- and trans-disciplinary education combined with unique on-site training. Learning subjects are commonly presented by and discussed with multiple experts from different fields and backgrounds. Participants have ample opportunities to survey and examine issues from diverse perspectives and reach a comprehensive understanding through various venues. Concurrently, our program methodologies stress interactive teamwork; participants not only learn from instructors and field experts but also benefit from group dynamics and networks. Many participants continue to maintain contact and meet regularly with their cohorts as well as program instructors years after their programs concluded. Agency and company observation, shadowing, or internship can also be arranged.

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For international groups, a special workshop on American values and culture is often incorporated to familiarize foreign participants with the norms and historical backgrounds of the American ways of thinking and operating. Participants from non-Western countries have found such an introduction particularly helpful in understanding the rationale of cultural differences and working together more effectively with global partners. Most of POMP’s executive professional development programs are two weeks to two months in length; and some include sessions in multiple cities or states based on program theme and design.

To inquire about POMP’s executive education programs, please contact:

Cheryl Lin, Co-Director
c.Lin@duke.edu  | 919-668-1926