Interdisciplinary Research

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A pivotal anchor of the Policy and Organizational Management Program (POMP) is its research component. We unite resources and ideas from across campus as well as from across oceans. The core members of our team have diverse academic backgrounds and experiences in business administration, economics, education, health behavior and policy, international development, management information system, marketing, public policy, social psychology, and women’s studies. POMP’s dedicated team develops and conducts research projects both independently and collaboratively with academic, public, and private institutions.

The following is a sample of POMP’s recent and past research projects.

  • Breast Cancer Oral Anti-Cancer Medication Adherence: A Systematic Review of Psychosocial Motivators and Barriers
  • Self-Efficacy and Adherence Behaviors in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
  • Overdosing on Prescription Ads–The Effects and Implications of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in the Evolving Healthcare Landscape
  • The Diverging Expectations and Perceptions of Cross-Cultural Service Providers and Consumers
  • Read Into the Lines: The Positive Effects of Queues
  • The Disconnect in Hepatitis Screening: Participation rates, Awareness of Infection Status, and Treatment-Seeking Behavior
  • The Policy Implications of Health Insurance Consumption—Insights and Experience from a Universal Healthcare System
  • When Does Service Recovery Paradox Happen: The Model of Dual Expectations
  • The Economics of Information Search—Beyond Prepurchase Search Antecedents and Consequences
  • Impulse Shopping: Consumers’ Psyche and the Process of Justification
  • Multi-Dimensional Quality Evaluation of Educational Services
  • The Effects of Salary and Non-Pecuniary Attributes on Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and Labor Supply Intentions: A Longitudinal Study Using Structural Equation Modeling
  • Leadership and Accountability—The Impact of Mandate Change on Leadership Styles
  • Case Study of a Learning Organization—Opinions, Pains, and Personal Life
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POMP welcomes inquiries relating to research collaboration, please contact:

Cheryl Lin, Co-Director  |  919-668-1926