International Collaboration

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The Policy and Organizational Management Program (POMP) at Duke University specializes in innovative and constructive international collaboration. Our goal is to contribute to making a difference for the global community, helping deliver positive impacts, and bringing meaningful and lasting experiences to all involved by bridging communication and partnership.

Our team assists organizations across continents in establishing valuable dialogues and networks that may not be feasible or effective via conventional means. Through POMP’s facilitation and project design, participants are afforded unique opportunities to convene with their international counterparts and constituents in a professional yet friendly setting to discuss and contemplate critical issues and emerging challenges or trends that are likely universal.

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Throughout the projects of international collaboration, POMP plays the roles of program architect, communication facilitator, partnership catalyst, and progress evaluator. We help develop a framework to initiate and sustain collaboration between organizations, design program contents, identify and invite relevant presenters and participants, host roundtables or symposia, supervise logistics, and enable mutual learning and relationship development. POMP’s international collaboration projects are individually tailor-designed. With inputs from partnering organizations, each component of a collaboration is carefully thought through and meticulously planned to achieve the maximum benefit for all parties involved. The ultimate objectives are mutual understanding and advancement for both the short and long terms.

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The advantage of working with POMP extends to our rich experience and cross-disciplinary nature. Sponsoring organizations can designate a project theme that is as diverse and broad or as specific and focused as desired. For example, in the past few years, we have placed emphasis on topics relating to:

  • Public and global health
  • Crisis management
  • Organizational governance and accountability
  • Human Services
  • Leadership

POMP also sponsors a small number of select international visiting scholars to spend a semester or a year at Duke University.

To inquire about POMP’s International Collaboration projects, please contact:

Pikuei Tu, Director  |  919-668-1927