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Venice International University (VIU) is a prestigious and truly international consortium of 21 universities from around the world that was established in 1995.  The campus is located on the beautiful island of San Servolo in the Venice lagoon. VIU is unique in the international academic panorama.  The consortium provides an extraordinary opportunity for students from leading international universities to learn from one another in a truly global environment.  VIU fulfills its role as a consortium by providing an innovative platform for transnational education, in which the interdisciplinary and comparative methods adopted enable students of all levels to consider multi-faceted problems through innovative approaches. Recently, faculty and students have come together to explore a number of themes including sustainable development, climate change, ageing, urban growth, global ethics, and cultural heritage.  VIU offers its support for research programs involving the various universities that form its network, and develops specific programs for advanced training. Duke University is a founding member of VIU. Dr. Giovanni Zanalda (Director, Duke University Center for International and Global Studies) is a member of the VIU Board of Directors, and Dr. Stephen Nowicki (Former Dean and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Duke University) represents Duke in VIU's Academic Council.

Duke University students, both undergraduate and graduate, and faculty are afforded special opportunities to study or teach at VIU.  VIU offers the Globalization program, which is open to undergraduate students.  Interested applicants should contact Duke University's Global Education Office for Undergraduates for more information. VIU also offers a series of activities open to Ph.D. and advanced graduate students.  Since Duke is a Member University, VIU provides financial support to Duke graduate students to cover international travel and accommodation costs for their participation in the International Ph.D. Academy and Graduate Seminar programs.

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Contact information:
Amanda Frederick
Assistant Director, DUCIGS
p: 919-668-1663