Ain’t I a Woman Too? The Intersections of Race, Victimhood & Survivorship in Sexual Violence

October 23, 2019 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Speaker: April-Autumn Jenkins, LCSW, Duke Women’s Center

Inequity is pervasive in our society; this matter seems to be intensified at the intersections of sexual violence and women of color. While women of color may suffer higher rates of sexual violence than White women, there appears to be a double standard regarding their treatment as victim/survivors. While the penalties their assailants receive are less severe than those of assailants who assault White women, the expectation for women of color is to navigate these issues with strength, vague indifference, and to continue life as if this trauma will never have an effect on her life…but it eventually will. In this session, we will discuss the inequalities between white women and women of color concerning the healing process after sexual violence, take a deeper dive into how we provide services for all groups as counselors and advocates, and finally create an action plan for alliance-building in survivors continuum of care.


April-Autumn Jenkins is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Public Speaker with a demonstrated history of working in non-profits, healthcare settings, and the higher education industry. She is a skilled trainer and has provided services for youth & young adults for over 20 years. April-Autumn currently works for the Duke Women’s Center as a therapist, trainer, and prevention educator. She also has a private practice, establisHER: Counseling and Life Solutions, which focuses on establishing a solid foundation of self and is grounded in establishing men and women mentally, emotionally, spiritually and communally to increase healthy relationships, family wellness, and sustainable communities. April-Autumn has extensive experience facilitating difficult conversations and providing counsel on trauma, relationships, violence prevention and the implementation of individual and social change. She has educated corporate entities, faith-based agencies, community organizations, emergency responders, students, faculty and staff on the prevention of and the response to violence. She has provided seminars and trainings at Texas A&M University, North Carolina State University, Texas Southern University, North Carolina Central University, Duke University, Rice University and the University of Wisconsin to name a few.

This presentation is sponsored by the John Hope Franklin Center, the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies, and the Duke Women’s Center. A light lunch will be served. Parking is available in nearby Trent Rd. and Erwin Rd. parking decks. The series provides 1-hour parking vouchers to guests.

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