Casa Rio | River House | Water Towns EFAF

April 15, 2021 - 7:00 pm
Alejandro Meitin
Water town

Alejandro will present his work as founder of Casa Río – a space of encounters, training, learning of creative practices, located in the estuary of the La Plata River. Situated in the mouth of the estuary of the La Plata River, in the outermost region of the immense Plata Watershed. Casa Río is a space in motion; it is a place of encounter, training, and learning of creative practices that embody environmental commitment. Casa Río is a space from which self-organization — both individual and collective — is developed as a form of liberation, grounded in actions that are not divorced from, but rather tied to, the environment and context in which they are being realized. Casa Río is a center of bioregional networking, which shares information and develops actions alongside other sister organizations in the Plata Watershed. The space also houses research materials divided into two thematic areas: (1) a library with material specialized in art within a social and environmental context; and (2) the archive of Ala Plástica, produced and compiled over the course of the organization’s 25 years of work, which is open and available for consultation.

Alejandro Meitin is an artist, lawyer, environmental activist, and co-founder of the art collective Ala Plástica, which is based in La Plata, Argentina. More recently, he is the founder of Casa Río. Meitin has been involved in researching and developing collaborative artistic practices and has a number of exhibitions, residencies, and publications to his credit. He has also taught courses and given lectures in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

Co-sponsors: DKU Library, IMEP, The Latin American Working Group at DKU,  Humanities Research Center (DKU), The Enviro Art Gallery, CLACS, DUCIGS, APSI, Enviro-Art Gallery, Duke Arts.

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