Dancing from the Inside/Out

February 27, 2020 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Margie Gillis
Deconstructing American Theater's Great White Way

Margie Gillis, internationally known Canadian dancer and choreographer, will speak and dance about her approach to movement and choreography.

"My approach to dance and choreography is based on listening to the different connections that exist between the spirit and the body. This is the natural kinetic process whereby our inner landscape translates into electric impulses that transmit to the muscles the information as to how and with what quality to move." (Gillis)

Margie Gillis has earned rave reviews throughout the world for her intimate, emotional and intelligent portrayals of the multiple facets of the human soul.

Margie Gillis Residency at Duke:
The Duke Dance Program is excited to host Margie Gillis, Canadian choreographer, performer, and teacher, for a week-long residency. Her time at Duke will include lecture demonstrations, visiting classes, and offering a workshop on "Reclaiming the Body" for assault and trauma victims. Her full list of events can be found at danceprogram.duke.edu.

This presentation is sponsored by the John Hope Franklin Center and the Duke Dance Program. A light lunch will be served. Parking is available in nearby Trent Rd. and Erwin Rd. parking decks. The series provides 1-hour parking vouchers to guests.

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