Environmental Governance for Peace in Colombia (Road to Geneva)

March 18, 2021 - 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
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This conference will examine ways to improve environmental governance and legality of natural resource management to support peace in Colombia. The conference will focus on four overarching sets of questions:

1. In the context of natural resources and peace in Colombia, what do legality and environmental rule of law mean? How can legal regimes protect both the environment and communities?
2. What laws, institutions, and practices are working, and which need to be revised? How?
3. What are the priority next steps for managing Colombia’s natural resources to support the transition to peace?
4. What has been done in Colombia to use natural capital as an instrument for peacebuilding? What has been achieved, what have we learned, and how can this be leveraged?

Participants will explore these themes through four main tracks:

1. Land and forests;
2. Extractives (oil, gas, and minerals);
3. Climate change; and
4. Justice/environmental rule of law.

Thank you for your interest in registering for the "Environmental Governance for Peace in Colombia" conference. We have been pleased to see so much enthusiasm for these topics. Unfortunately, this means we have surpassed the capacity limits for each session. We will be live-streaming the opening and closing plenaries on our YouTube channels here: ELIEnPAx. However, as we want to maintain the excitement on this topic, we would love to have you enter your information HERE. We will also use this list to send links to the live-stream Thursday morning. 

The conference will conclude with a poster session and a networking session during which attendees can have a drink and chat informally with others in smaller groups or even bilaterally using the Remo platform. Simultaneous interpretation is anticipated for most of the conference panel sessions. Most sessions will be 90 minutes long. The Remo networking session provides separate floors for Spanish and English audiences. 

This Conference is co-sponsored by Environmental Law Institute, Duke Center for International & Global Studies, Duke Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Global Green Growth Institute, EnPax, the UNDP and the Swedish Postcode Foundation.

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