FILM: Tiga: Haiti, Dream, Creation, Possession, Madness

April 21, 2017 -
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Directed by Antonin Arnold (2001), 54 minutes. French and Haitian Creole with English subtitles. The life and work of Haitian painter Jean-Claude "Tiga" Garoute. At one end of a Caribbean island dominated by madness and chaos, there is an artist philosopher. His dream is to make all the people of this island find the hidden creator within each of them and become free. For that he became one with the madness of the country. He became one with its hallucinations. He convoked Ubu, he looked at Dada, he questioned all the Gods of Voodoo. He wanted to decipher all the signs of his people.

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