The Lanthanide Series, (USA) Erin Espelie, & The last Nomad, (China) Liu Zhuang

April 17, 2021 - 7:00 pm
The last nomad

The Lanthanide Series | Erin Espelie. 2014, 70 minutes, Color, Sound, HD digital video & 16mm film mastered to DCP
From the portals of personal computing devices to ancient obsidian mirrors, optical instruments control how people see, foresee, frame, record, and remember their lives. The Lanthanide Series meditates on how we understand the world through such material means, with a reliance on history, the Periodic Table, and the people we love.

The last Nomad | Liu Zhuwang. 2019. 8'
In the face of climate change and environmental degradation, the herdsmen of Sanjiangyuan at the Longge Village began to protect their land, spontaneously. They are now taking photography to document their flying way of life, through their own eyes and photo lenses.

Erin Espelie is a filmmaker, writer, and editor, living and working in Boulder County’s Four Mile Canyon and New York City. Her writing and filmmaking investigate current scientific research related to the Anthropocene, issues in environmental history, questions of epistemology, and our expectations of the moving image. With a degree in molecular and cell biology from Cornell University and an MFA in experimental and documentary arts from Duke University. Erin teaches at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Film Studies Program and the Department of Critical Media Practices.

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