Perspectives on Anti-Blackness in the Arab World

February 17, 2021 - 12:00 pm
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Anti-Black racism exists all over the globe, but varies according to the context and society. In Arab societies, anti-black racism is pronounced, widespread, and largely denied by the intelligentsia, the ruling elites and clergy despite its roots in either the trans-Saharan slave trade or the IndianOcean slave trade. This roundtable discussion by prominent scholars in the fields of religion, history and race seeks to generate new research insights tofacilitate the development of original narratives and academic voices on the subjects of anti-Blackness in the Arabic speaking world. The discussion will also offer some suggestions about how to move beyond racism toward an inclusive worldview.

The Wednesdays at the Center series, the John Hope Franklin Center, and the international area study centers in DUCIGS have worked in the past to address issues of racism, inequality, and marginalization both globally and locally.

This year, we will intensify our focus on anti-racism under the rubric: JHF | Global Anti-Racism (histories of action).

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