Duke Africa Initiative Research Fund Grantees

Mbaye Lo – Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

The Africa Initiative awarded Professor of the Practice Mbaye Lo a grant to support Research Africa, a digital platform for scholars who work on Islamic Africa and the Middle East.  Our financial support enabled the hiring of an RA to coordinate book reviews and facilitate global network building. Research Africa was established in 2016 through seed funding from the Africa Initiative.

Osondu Ogbouji – Duke Global Health Institute

Assistant Research Professor Osondo Ogbouji led a cohort of Duke scholars from the Global Health Institute, Sanford School of Public Policy, Nicholas School of the Environment and the Asian/Pacific Studies Institute in a year-long project entitled, “Asia-Africa Health Initiative: Building Opportunities for South-South Collaboration and Learning for Health.” Their project consisted of four trans-continental “dialogues” with African and Asian health experts, with each conversation focused on an important global health issue.

Anne Yoder – Biology

Professor Anne Yoder, in collaboration with the Duke Lemur Center, was awarded AI funds to support a Malagasy five-part spring speaker series. These events created opportunities for exchange between scientists from Duke and Madagascar. Topics included: biodiversity, disease ecology, and conservation policy.