Experts at and beyond Duke University are actively involved in the Belt and Road Initiative at Duke. Their expertise spans from conservation to international conflict resolution. The following is a list of experts participating in this initiative.


Expert's Name                 



Mike Bergin

Air Quality, Climate, Human Health, Renewable Energy

Mark Borsuk

Scenario Analysis,Risk assessment, Climate Change, Environmental Modeling, Statistics

Prasenjit Duara

Chinese History, Nationalism, China Asian Connections, Environmental History, Religion and Environment

Eve Duffy

Germany, 16th-21st Centuries

Dalia Patino Echeverri

Electricity, Environmental Lifecycle Assessment, Decision Making under Uncertainty

Jackson Ewing


Gary Gereffi

Global Value Chains; Environmental, Social & Economic Upgrading; Industry 4.0; China; South Korea; Kazakhstan

Indermit Gill

Middle Income Economies

Brian Hare

Conservation Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Evolution, Primates

Marc Jeuland

Energy Policy, Environmental Health, International cooperation

Francis Lethem

Development Management; Conflict Sensitive Development; Project Generation, Design, and Appraisal

Yating Li

Environmental Economics, Household Energy, China

Ralph Litzinger

Culture and Politics of Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Post-socialism in China

Elizabeth Losos

Conservation, Forests, Tropical


Melanie Manion

Political Institutions, Political Selection, Corruption

Sara Mason

Biodiversity, Ecosystem Eervices, Environmental Policy

Robyn Meeks

Energy, Water, Economics, Infrastructure, Environment

Michael Merson

Global Health Governance; South-South Collaboration; Sub-Saharan Africa

Lydia Olander 

Environmental Policy, Socio-Ecological Systems, Ecosystem Services, Environmental Markets

Alex Pfaff

Developing Countries, Deforestation, Roads, Parks, Concessions and Certification

Stuart Pimm 

Biodiversity, Conservation

Billy Pizer

Energy,Climate Change, Multilateral Finance

Phyllis Pomerantz

Foreign Aid, International Development, Governance

John Poulsen

Tropical Ecology, Conservation Biology, Africa, Elephants, Wildlife, Forests

John Virdin

MarinePolicy, Fisheries Policy, Ocean Economy

Erika Weinthal

Governance, Water, Energy

Giovanni Zanalda

Emerging Markets; Financial History; Globalization; International Development

Junjie Zhang

Environmental Economics, Environmental Policy,Climate Change, Air Pollution, China