2022 Conversation with Scholars Series

In the summer of 2022, Global Asia Initiative (GAI) at Duke University launches new project to foster the conversation between scholars working on different geographical regions, different time periods and different disciplines. GAI invites scholars of Asian Studies and translational history to our platform to introduce their research. We are going to discuss pressing issues facing human society and our shared planetary future. Guests of this project range from historians to scientists. Their research expertise spans Asia and beyond. The series has a particular focus on environment and society in Asia. We also welcome other TransAsia themes.

Prasenjit Duara and Yuan Chen

Global Asia Initiative | 2022 Conversation with Scholars | Introduction




Yuan Chen and Valerie Hansen

Year 1000: When Globalization Began | A Conversation with Prof. Valerie Hansen




Yuan Chen and Alexander Moore

The Science and History of Climate Change and Public Health | A Conversation with Dr. Alex More