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Mount Fuji

The Global Asia Initiative (GAI) launched in 2015 to support research on trans-Asia topics that are collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature.

The initiative explores the connections between Asian nations, cultures and ecosystems, particularly these nations' shared challenges related to politics, security, and environmental pollution and climate change.

By working closely with the Social Science Research Council’s Inter-Asia Program and drawing on the resources of Duke and the Triangle area, the Global Asia Initiative hopes to become an important hub for the study of these issues and the discussion of other trans-Asia themes.

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Environmental Humanities

At Duke University’s Global Asia Initiative, a hub for the SSRC’s Inter-Asia program in Environmental Humanities, we seek to develop Environmental Humanities in Asia as a way of raising consciousness and provoke new ways of thinking about the human-nature relationship in Asian societies and its impact and connections with the rest of the world. 


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