Dr. Prasenjit Duara on Development and the Crisis of Global Nationalism

October 8, 2018

By Rohini Thakkar

Dr. Prasenjit Duara

Dr. Prasenjit Duara, Oscar Tang Professor of East Asian Studies in the History Department, and Director of the Global Asia Initiative share his views on Development and the crisis of global nationalism in a blog featured in Brookings Institution's blog site. Dr. Duara states that nationalism as a rationale for development is used by regimes to achieve high levels of growth, but also generates exclusivism and hostilities, often in order to integrate a political core. Popular nationalism has also dialectically reshaped the goals and patterns of development during the post-Second World War period. This is a timely topic, with nationalism making a comeback, unexpectedly and in some of the most unlikely places. Dr. Duara will be discussing his paper on Wednesday, October 17, at 12:00 noon in Rubenstein Hall 200 in Sanford School.
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