DUCIGS Funded Eight Graduate Working Groups on Global Issues for AY 2021-22

October 26, 2021

By Rohini Thakkar


DUCIGS is pleased to announce this year’s eight Graduate Working Groups on Global Issues. These working groups are comprised of students from an array of departments, programs and professional schools who gather to discuss topics with a global focus. This year following groups have been selected-

  • Africa and the Brain Drain Phenomenon
  • Community-Guided Outreach for Primate Conservation
  • Global Environmental Humanities
  • Indigenous and Local Knowledge in Sustainable Development
  • Informed Choices for Equitable Development (InChED)
  • Malagasy Language and Culture Working Group
  • Mental Health Across the Globe
  • Middle East Studies Graduate Seminar

See individual descriptions and coordinator contact information.

Originally started in 1997 through a grant awarded to Duke University Center for International & Global Studies (DUCIGS) by the Ford Foundation, the Graduate Working Groups on Global Issues have been a vital part of Duke University Center for International & Global Studies programming for more than twenty years. For over two decades, DUCIGS has supported dozens of interdisciplinary topical working groups, which are run entirely by the graduate students themselves. The meetings serve as a forum for discussing broad global issues of interest to their members. Equally important, they provide a place for Duke graduate students to share their individual research and to gain feedback from a variety of disciplinary viewpoints. These working groups also produce mini-conferences, symposia and workshops, as well as print and online newsletters in which their international research is presented.