FORM Magazine in Collaboration with DUCIGS Releases Miami Travel Guide

February 10, 2020

By Stephanie Cutler, FORM Magazine

Pictures of Miami

FORM Magazine, Duke University’s premier art, style, and travel magazine, releases its biannual travel guide, entitled “YUCA: The Miami Travel Guide”, in collaboration with Duke University’s Center for International and Global Studies.

The guide originally appeared in print on December 6, 2019 before being released online on February 6, 2020.

The print issue of FORM, Volume XXIII, focused on the all-encompassing theme of “Mother” and its deeper connotations and representations. Miami, Florida is a diverse city, vibrant with culture, through which FORM further explored the notions of its theme. Nested within this network of diverse demographics, Little Havana offers a haven for Cuban heritage. With Latin American art, food, and history, the city finds its influence from the motherland of Cuba, from which immigrants brought their language and customs.

Through the lens of a travel guide, FORM unveiled the complexities of how Cuban culture has both remained connected to and evolved from the homeland of Cuba. The piece’s interviews, observations, and visual components convey the complex stories of Cuban immigrants re-creating their home in the United States. From family-owned restaurants, hotels, and cultural centers, the Cuban influence in Miami prompts the larger discussion of the meanings and manifestations of heritage, and how they may be preserved for future generations

The Miami Travel guide may be found on the FORM Magazine website at

Pictures from Miami