John Hope Franklin: The Global Scholar

September 17, 2020
John Gartrell at Wednesdays at the Center
John Gartrell at Wednesdays at the Center. Photo composition: Gianluca Corinaldesi

In this third installment of “Wednesdays at the Center,” we have rebroadcast a 2016 lecture from John Gartrell, the director of the John Hope Franklin Research Center at Duke Libraries. In his powerful talk, John Gartrell revisited Dr. Franklin’s relentless historical methodology and the global influence of his scholarship.

“John Hope Franklin was on the front lines of not simply spreading American history and culture, globally," says John Gartrell. "In almost every lecture, he continuously raises the issues of America’s flaws and how you cannot tell American history without talking about the history of Black folks." 

The event was organized by the Duke Center for International and Global Studies (DUCIGS) and the John Hope Franklin Center, as part of the 'Wednesdays at the Center' series.

Watch the video or the original lecture:

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