Redefining the American Story: A Tribute to John Hope Franklin by Fulbright 75

April 2, 2021

In a Wednesdays at the Center event, DUCIGS rebroadcast “John Hope Franklin: Redefining the American Story,” a panel discussion that explored the life and legacy of celebrated historian, scholar, activist, author, and Fulbright alumnus, Dr. John Hope Franklin. The event was featured as part of Fulbright 75, the 75thanniversary celebration of the renowned program.

John Hope Franklin: Redefining the American Story. A Fulbright 75 event rebroadcast at Wednesdays at the Center

Moderated by African American Studies professor and Fulbright alumna Dr. Kalenda Eaton, the event explored Dr. Franklin's life, including his pivotal work, "From Slavery to Freedom" (1947), which forever cemented the integral role of Black Americans in U.S. history. The panelists included historian and son of Dr. Franklin, John Whittington Franklin, and Fulbright alumna, American Studies professor, and former personal assistant to Dr. Franklin, Dr. Nishani Frazier, who shared personal stories on Dr. Franklin’s work, travels abroad, and his lasting impact.

Fullbright opportunities at Duke

Babs Wise, Director of Nationally Competitive Scholarships and Fellowships, and Bevin Tighe, Program Coordinator of Nationally Competitive Scholarships and Fellowships, at the Duke Office of University Scholars and Fellows provided a live introduction and shared information about Fulbright opportunities for Duke students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Currently, Duke students and alumni can apply within Fulbright’s student program to do one of three things: independent research, graduate study, or in the fastest growing arm of the program, to teach English abroad. Faculty and staff opportunities include visiting scholar awards, scholar-in-residence programs, and international education administrator awards.

This event was sponsored by the Duke Center for International and Global Studies (DUCIGS) and the John Hope Franklin Center at Duke. 

Watch the original event: