2018 Graduate Grant Awardees

Through the Graduate Awards for Research & Training, Duke University Center for International & Global Studies (DUCIGS) provides full-time graduate students working on international research topics with funding for travel to archival and research sites inside and outside the continental United States; for attendance at specialized conferences; and for foreign language and methods training. In the 2018 competition, twenty-seven Duke graduate students were awarded DUCIGS travel grants.

2018 Graduate Grant Awardees

Dana Mellett Baker - Tanzania (PhD-Marine Science/Conservation-Nicholas School of the Environment)
Research: Marine-Protected Areas and Poverty Alleviation in Tanzanian Coastal Communities

Michael J. Becker - Jamaica (PhD-History)
Research: Customary Arrangements, Ameliorati, and the Law in Jamaica, 1786-1834

Hannah Borenstein - Ethiopia (PhD-Cultural Anthropology)
Research: New Running Economies

Emily M. Cherenack - Tanzania (PhD-Psychology & Neuroscience)
Research: Stress, coping, mental health, and reproductive health among adolescent girls and young women transitioning through puberty in Tanzania

Jessica Choi - Malaysia (MSc-Global Health)
Research: Adapting a rapid lateral flow Burkholderia pseudomallei immunoassay in Sarawak, Malaysia: A Validation Study

Cyrus  Elahi - Tanzania & Uganda (MSc-Global Health)
Research: Implementation of a decision support tool to improve surgical outcomes for traumatic brain injury

Daanish Faruqi - Jordan (PhD-History)
Coursework: Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA) Program - Center for Middle Eastern Studies @ Harvard University (Arabic)

Ian Ferguson - India (MEM-Nicholas School of the Environment)
Coursework: India Summer School for Future International Development Leaders Program

Arielle Fogel - Kenya (PhD-Genetics/Genomics/Evolutionary Anthropology)
Research: Ecological costs of admixture in wild baboons

Elsa Friis - Kenya (PhD-Clinical Psychology)
Research: Development & Evaluation of a Mobile Application to Support Dissemination of a Family Therapy Program in Kenya

Jacqueline Gerson - Senegal (PhD-UPE/Biology)
Research: The fate and transportation of mercury and selenium across mining-impacted landscapes

Emily Levy - Kenya (PhD-Biology)
Research: Linking early-life adversity and physiology in a wild primate population

Amelia Meier - Gabon (PhD-Nicholas School of the Environment)
Research: Debunking Critical Assumptions to Improve Forest Elephant Censuses and Monitoring

Assumpta Solome Nantume - Kenya (MSc-Global Health)
Coursework: The Language School (Swahili)

Koffi Amegbo Nomedji - Ghana (PhD-Cultural Anthropology)
Research: Local Adaptation to Environmental Devastation

Emily L. Pakhtigian - Sweden (PhD-Public Policy)
Conference: World Congress of Environmental & Resource Economics

Hye-Young Park - Australia (PhD-Nursing)
Research: Methodological issues in conducting an end-of-life care study among older Korean US immigrants

Tony Pham - Nepal (MD; MSc-Global Health)
Research: The Effect of Nepali Traditional Health on Mental Well-Being

Guilia Ricco - Brazil (PhD-Romance Studies)
Research: The Making of 1964: Miguel Reale's Political and Literary Writings

Diego Romero - Guatemala (PhD-Political Science)
Research: Petty Corruption: A Social Networks Approach

Christine Ryan - Ireland (JD-Duke Law)
Research: A Feminist Human Rights-Based Approach to Abortion Law and Politics

Hillary Smith - Tanzania (PhD-Marine Science/Conservation-Nicholas School of the Environment)
Research: Tracing the Implementation of the Small-Scale Fisheries Voluntary Guidelines in Tanzania

Stephanie Stefanski - Argentina (PhD-Environmental Policy-Nicholas School of the Environment)
Research: The New Fisheries "Catch Shares Program" in Argentina: Balancing Efficiency & Equity Objectives in Rights-Based Management Systems

Nivedhitha Subramanian - Pakistan (PhD-Public Policy)
Research: Female Under-Employment: Job Attributes & Labor Supply Decisions

Yolande Pokam Tchuisseu - Brazil (MSc-Global Health)
Research: A Network Analysis of Multi-Morbidities Associated with Road Traffic Injuries in Brazil

Romina Tome - France (PhD-Public Policy)
Conference: Curtailing Access to Alcohol: Evidence on the Impact Over Child Outcomes in Brazil [paper accepted] 

Matthew Zipple - Kenya (PhD-Biology)
Research: The Effects of Maternal Early Life Adversity on Offspring Survival & Maternal Care

2018: From the field...

Outside the School of Economics & Business in Gothenburg University

Emily L. Pakhtigian  /  PhD - Sanford School of Public Policy, Economics Concentration
Hewlett Challenge Endowment Fund
Conference: Oral presentation at the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, titled “Joint Impacts of Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution in Indonesia”
Location: Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Dates: August 25-29, 2018
Field Report: "Through the generous support of the DUCIGS Graduate Awards for Research and Training, I recently spent a week in Gothenburg, Sweden, attending the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists ... ( PAKHTIGIAN,E-2018.pdf   )"
Pictured: Outside the School of Economics & Business in Gothenburg University

Romina Tome  /  PhD - Sanford School of Public Policy
Hewlett Challenge Endowment Fund
Conference: Oral presentation at the 2018 Society of Economics of the HOusehold (SEHO), titled “Curtailing Access to Alcohol: Evidence on the Impact Over Child Outcomes in Brazil"”
Location: Paris, FRANCE
Dates: May 22-25, 2018
Field Report: ""The Society of Economics of the Household was founded in 2017 to promote the economic analysis of all outcomes of decision-making by household members, including child outcomes, consumption, saving, labor supply, and healthy and risky behaviors. This
year SEHO ... ( TOME,Romina-2018.pdf )"