2021 Graduate Grant Awardees

Through the Graduate Awards for Research & Training, Duke University Center for International & Global Studies (DUCIGS) provides full-time graduate students working on international research topics with funding for travel to archival and research sites inside and outside the continental United States; for attendance at specialized conferences; and for foreign language and methods training. In the 2021 competition, 21 Duke graduate students were awarded DUCIGS travel grants.

2021 Graduate Grant Awardees

Pawel Charasz (PhD, Political Science)

Project: Turning Burghurs into Peasants: Political Economy of City Status in Congress Poland

Devin Creed (PhD, History)

Project: Intensive Summer Course in Bangla

 Cris Culton (PhD, History)

Project: An Unearthed Montmartre? Chapala, Mexico and its International Artistic Community

Camille DeSisto (PhD, Ecology)

Project: Virtual Participation in Malagasy Language Study

Brianna Elliott (PhD, Marine Science and Conservation)

Project: Untangling the Critical Conservation Threat of Cetacean Bycatch in the Indian Ocean

Jean Gleason (MSc, Global Health)

Project: Identifying and Characterizing Novel Viruses Among Patients with Pneumonia

Ankita Gupta (PhD, Environment)

Project: Assessing the Ecological Value of Small Wetlands in an Extensively Cultivated Landscape in North India

Kelly Hunter (PhD, Public Policy and Political Science) 

Project: Women’s Empowerment in Rural Kenya: Identifying Mechanisms for its Promotion and Assessing its Resiliency in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ciro Incoronato (PhD, Romance Studies)

Project: The Biopower of the Mafias: Economics, Biopolitics, Ecology

Andrew Kenealy (PhD, Political Science), Trent Ollerenshaw (PhD, Political Science)

Project: Racial Attitudes and the Determinants of Support for Foreign Aid Among White Americans

Zach Levine (PhD, Cultural Anthropology)

Project: Carceral Mediums: Ayahuasca and Spiritual Healing in Brazilian Prison

Jeehae Nam (MSc, Global Health)

Project: Comparing the Effectiveness of Arts-Based vs. School-Based Community-Engaged Sickle Cell Disease Education Outreach Programs for Adolescents in Kalangala, Uganda

Don Nguyen (MSc, Global Health)

Project: Detecting Pre-Pandemic Viral Species in Animals and Human Animal Workers in North Vietnam

Anna Nordseth (PhD, Ecology)

Project: Can Endangered Spider Monkeys Help Regrow a Disappearing Forest?

Lucille Right (PhD, Political Science)

Project: Khmer Language Training in Preparation for Fieldwork in Cambodia

Tania Rispoli (PhD, Romance Studies)

Project: Theory of Political Platforms. Italian Thought on Social Movements and Technology

Rosalind Rothwell (PhD, History)

Project: Virtual Participation in the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) Summer 2021 Intermediate Level Tamil Language Program

Wan Ning Seah (PhD, Political Science)

Project: Cicero and Machiavelli on Duty and Virtue in Politics

Helen Shears (PhD, History)

Project: "To Be Observed Throughout All the World”: Imperial Diplomacy, Treaty-Making, and the Global British Empire

Yaming You (PhD, History)

Project: Summer Online Language Training Program for Japanese