2018 Undergraduate Grant Awardees

The Duke University Center for International & Global Studies (DUCIGS) provides funding for full-time undergraduate Duke students to complement their classwork with research experience in different social and cultural settings. In the 2018 competition, fourteen undergraduate students received travel grants from DUCIGS. They submitted proposals for focused overseas academic research of a minimum of four weeks' duration. Their projects were designed to further their knowledge of a particular country or world region.

2018 Undergraduate Grant Awardees

Valentina Alvarez - Guatemala (Duke 2021) - Global Health; Global Cultural Studies
Research: Empowering women in STEM through innovations in health and technology curriculum in Guatemala
Julia M. Whitehead and Peter M. Miller Endowment Fund

Dipin Bishwakarma -  Australia (Duke 2021) - Economics
Conference: NRNA Against Brain Drain and Nepalese Slavery in the Middle East

Danielle Brown - Honduras (Duke 2019) - Biology; Spanish
Research: The Impact of Misconceptions on Use of Contraceptives in Camasca, Honduras
Julia M. Whitehead and Peter M. Miller Endowment Fund

Esther Brown - Ghana (Duke 2020) - Computer Science; Cultural Anthropology
Research: Agricultural Transformation for Rural Farmers in West Africa Through the Use of Technology

Natasha Derezinski-Choo - Argentina (Duke 2019) - Neuroscience; Linguistics
Research: How Kabiye-French Bilingual Speakers in Northern Togo Use French Lexical Borrowings to Index Social Identities

Daniela Flamini - Argentina (Duke 2019) - International Comparative Studies; Arabic
Research: From News to Knowledge: Tracking facts in Argentine news and media
Julia M. Whitehead and Peter M. Miller Endowment Fund

Celia Garrett - Boston, MA (Duke 2019) - Public Policy; French/History minors
Internship: Private Sector Summer Intern at Oxfam America

Victoria Grant - Mozambique (Duke 2020) - Environmental Science
Research: Wild Track Leopard Distribution

Maya Iskandarini- Honduras (Duke 2020) - Biology; Political Science minor
Research: Evaluation of Chispuditos Nutritional Supplement Program in Rural Honduras
Julia M. Whitehead and Peter M. Miller Endowment Fund

Allison James - Guatemala (Duke 2020) - Chemistry; Global Health minor
Research: Duke Desarolla Women's STEM Empowerment
Travel Report: "On May 20, 2018, we arrived at the Instituto Indígena Nuestra Señora del Socorro in San Andres Semetabaj, Guatemala to implement the Duke Desarrolla Women’s STEM Empowerment program. During the first three days of our stay, ... ( JAMES ) “
Julia M. Whitehead and Peter M. Miller Endowment Fund

Juan José Jimenez-Lizardi - Puerto Rico (Duke 2019) - Global Cultural Studies
Research: Reggae & Popular Music in the Neoliberal Caribbean: A Focus on Jamaica and Puerto Rico

Eliza Letourneau - Peru (Duke 2019) - Environmental Science
Research: Environmental Epidemiology in Latin America: Impacts of Artisanal Gold Mining in the Peruvian Amazon
Julia M. Whitehead and Peter M. Miller Endowment Fund

Dai Li - France (Duke 2019) - Global Cultural Studies
Research: Beyond "Integration": A study on the political and cultural formation of the Chinese migrant community in Paris

Andrew Guokun Lin - France (Duke 2019) - History; Economics
Research: Transcending Boundaries: Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes in Paris