2022 Undergraduate Grant Awardees

The Duke University Center for International & Global Studies (DUCIGS) provides funding for full-time undergraduate Duke students to complement their classwork with research experience in different social and cultural settings. In the 2022 competition, four undergraduate students received grants from DUCIGS. They submitted proposals for focused overseas academic research of a minimum of four weeks' duration. Their projects were designed to further their knowledge of a particular country or world region.

2022 Undergraduate Grant Awardees

Maya Ghanem ('23) - International Comparative Studies

Project: The Intersection between Islamic and Queer Environmental Ethics and its Role in the US Queer Muslim Communities

Nikhita Gopisetty ('23) - Biomedical Engineering & Global Health 

Project: Experience of Diabetes in Young Adults in Mysore District

Eleanor Ross ('24) - International Comparative Studies

Project: Intensive Arabic Study: Qalam wa Lawh

Saisahana Subburaj ('23) - Program II: Global Women's Health in Asia: Culture, History, and Power

Project: Women's Perspectives on Childbirth Practices in Rural Tamil Nadu, India