Graduate Awards for Research and Training

The Duke University Center for International & Global Studies' Graduate Awards for Research and Training is pleased to provide graduate students with funding for work on international research topics, for attendance at specialized conferences, or for foreign language and methods training. Funding requests may include costs of international and in-country travel, living expenses, and directly related research materials. 

Foreign Nationals: Be aware that your award will be assessed a 34% tax. A Form-1099 will be issued in January, which will enable you to file for its return at the start of the next calendar year.

Graduate Summer 2021 Travel Policy:  The Duke Global Travel Policy and COVID-19 Travel Suspension is currently in effect until August 8, 2021.  Therefore, support for travel by Graduate/Professional students, both domestic and international, remains suspended.  It may be possible for individual graduate students to apply for an exception via their "Top-Level Manager" (e.g. Department, School Dean, Institute Director, etc.).  Students should consult Duke's recently updated travel policy and COVID-19 addendum at  Students are also encouraged to consult with the staff of the Global Travel and Administrative Support Office.  All travel must be approved by the Global Travel and Administrative Support Office before tickets can be purchased or funds released.

DUCIGS strongly encourages graduate students to apply to use funding outside of travel.

For remote research, the kinds of expenses that may be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Research materials such as book purchases, fees for digitizing archived data, high resolution GIS images.
  • Virtual conference or seminar attendance/presentations.
  • In-country data collection fees.
  • Online delivery language course fees (for courses not offered at Duke).
  • Transcription fees.
  • RedCAP Fees.

Students are encouraged to reach out to our office for clarification on expenses prior to application submission.

Graduate students may also wish to consider the virtual graduate opportunities available through Duke's consortium with VIU.  View VIU's current remote graduate opportunities

2021 Competition DEADLINE: Friday, April 2, 2021


Applicants must be enrolled fulltime in a graduate program at Duke University during the academic year in which the award is used. The number of awards is subject to availability of funds in the next fiscal year and range from $500 - $1,500 each. You are encouraged to apply for additional awards from Duke and other sources. Please note that your budget should include the total cost of the project and not just that portion requested from DUCIGS. The total award from all sources may not exceed the total amount indicated in your proposed budget.


Please complete and submit the online COVER SHEET. In addition, your Application Package must include the documents below and submitted separately to Amanda Frederick as a single PDF compiled in the following order:

  • Project Statement (one- to two-page, single-spaced) indicating:

    • Title of proposed project
    • Description of research, conference, or language/methods training
    • Specific information on research location, conference site, or training program
    • Research, conference, or training plans
    • Significance of proposed project for future research
  • Bibliography (maximum two pages); not required for Conferences or Language/Methods Training
  • Detailed Budget Narrative
  • CV and Graduate Transcript(s)
  • Confirmation of International Travel Registration ], pending an exception is granted
  • Letter of support from an overseas host institution (optional), if applicable
  • A Supporting Letter from your dissertation committee chair, DGS, faculty advisor, or other faculty member familiar with your academic work should be sent directly as email attachment to Amanda Frederick

The committee reserves the right to request a letter evaluating the applicant’s foreign language proficiency.

Note about research involving human subjects: For graduate and professional school students whose proposed research involves human subjects, you should be aware that it is necessary for you to obtain approval of your research from the Institutional Review Board.  Please consult with the Office of Research Support about the policies concerning research with human subjects at Duke University.  Information can be found on the Office of Research Support website at

Note about Duke's COVID-19 Travel Policy: If you are awarded a Graduate Award that involves travel, it will be necessary for you to complete all requirements for approval of your international travel in accordance with the current Duke travel policy and COVID-19 addendum, including via the Duke Travel Registry.  The approval process is not automatic and can take time, so you are encouraged to begin this process at the time of application for the research grant.  Do not wait until you receive an award notification.  No fellowship funds can be released until the necessary registry and approval requirements have been fulfilled.  This is a University rule.

Please consult with Global Administrative Travel Support at if you are considering research-related travel.  The Duke Travel Registry can be found at

Your complete application package - Cover Sheet and supplementary documentation PDF - must be received by the campus deadline - No exceptions.

Send to: Amanda Frederick

Download the application COVER SHEET.

2021 Competition DEADLINE: Friday, April 2, 2021

For additional information, please contact Amanda Frederick.