Undergraduate Summer Awards for Research and Academic Activities

The Duke University Center for International & Global Studies provides funding for full-time undergraduate students at Duke to complement their classwork with research or academic experience that involves a global or international component. 

Average awards range from $250 to $1,500, depending upon of the activity or project. Students are encouraged to seek funding from additional sources; however, students must apply separately to each competition for the same project. Your entire budget must be reflected on each application, not just the portion that you are requesting from DUCIGS. Foreign Nationals: Be aware that your award will be assessed a 34% tax. A Form-1099 will be issued in December, which will enable you to file for its return at the start of the next calendar year.

The 2022 Competition Deadline Has Passed.


Duke freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors pursuing an academic research project or activity with an international or global component.

Project Requirements

Applicants must submit a proposal for a focused research project or academic activity with an international or global component.  The research project or academic activity must further the student’s acquaintance with a particular country or world region. If you are planning a group project, each member of the group must apply individually, including separate applications, supporting documentation, and budget reflecting only your own research and costs, not those of the group.

Application Instructions

Submit the online application. In your application, you will submit:

  • Project Statement (one to two pages)
  • Autobiographical Statement (one to two pages)
  • Itemized Budget
  • Confirmation of International Travel Registration [ https://travel.duke.edu ] for all international travel

Finally, a Letter of Reference from a faculty member familiar with your academic work should be submitted via Qualtrics

Other Funding Sources: It is recommended that students also look to other competitions to augment funding for their proposed research. These competitions include those sponsored by the Undergraduate Research Support Office (URS), which also has on its website a large directory of campus-wide undergraduate funding sources, including: Asian/Pacific Studies Institute (APSI)Latin American & Caribbean Studies (CLACS) among many others.