COVID-19 and Global Supply Chains

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Covid-19 and Global Supply Chains in Mexico.

 An Historical Opportunity for U.S. - Mexico Trade

September 29, 2020

Two experts in U.S.-Mexico trade relationships say that COVID-19 showed the attractiveness of producing in North America. But the recently signed USMCA agreement between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will need to redefine essential supply chains and how they work.


June 2, 2020

UVA Professor (and Duke Ph.D.) Jennifer Bair joined Penn State Professor Mark Anner and Duke Professors Gary Gereffi and Giovanni Zanalda for a conversation on “COVID Disruptions to the Apparel Supply Chain: Focus on Bangladesh.” 

Two male faces - Elliott Wolf (left) and Daniel Wintz (right) of Lineage Logistics
Food Supply Chains and COVID-19: Mother Nature and Selective Resilience
April 30, 2020

Two food logistics data scientists, Duke alumnus Elliott Wolf and Dr. Daniel Wintz, joined professors’ Gary Gereffi, Lori Leachman, and Giovanni Zanalda for a discussion on the working of food supply chains and their resilience during the COVID-19 crisis.

male faces
COVID-19 And Global Supply Chains: Disruptions And Restructuring
April 21, 2020

Duke Professor Gary Gereffi and IMF’s economist Tamim Bayoumi joined DUCIGS Director Giovanni Zanalda in a webinar conversation on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on international trade and global supply chains.