Multi-stakeholder Framework Series

Peter Jones: What Future for Track Two Diplomacy? Event at Duke Center for International and Global Studies

Viewing Conflicts as Problems to Be Solved Can Help Diplomacy 

March 29, 2021

Professor Peter Jones, of University of Ottawa explains how Track Two Diplomacy has a way forward in solving conflicts. He joined Ambassador (ret.) W. Robert Pearson and DUCIGS director, Giovanni Zanalda at the DUCIGS/Rethinking Diplomacy event: "What Future for Track Two Diplomacy?", part of the Multi-Stakeholder Framework series.


Ben Schmitt and Amrita Banerjee Speak at Duke Center for International and Global Studies

Diplomacy Needs More Scientists in the Room

February 23, 2021

Harvard's Benjamin L. Schmitt talked at DUCIGS' about the need to add scientists in foreign policy positions, as transnational issues become increasingly complex. Duke alumna, Amrita Banerjee (AAAS fellow) joined the lecture. Read more.