Space Diplomacy

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Why We Need International Norms to Regulate the Space Race

July 8, 2021

The webinar discussed the need for space diplomacy to regulate the recent proliferation of activity in space from governments and commercial enterprises. Space diplomacy should consider, among many issues, burgeoning space infrastructure and satellite internet service providers, launch and space junk risk scenarios, and deep space regulatory issues. How can the U.S. government learn from terrestrial treaties to chart a path forward in space diplomacy?


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Experts Unpack the Space Debris Challenge - Video and article

November 12, 2021

Duke's Cydney Livingston reports in the Research Blog about the webinar: "That's No Moon: Technical and Diplomatic Solutions to the Space Debris Challenge," organized by the Duke Center for International and Global Studies/Rethinking Diplomacy Program. Read how a group of experts unpacked the current "threats to space."