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The Rethinking Diplomacy Program (RDP) at Duke University focuses on research that brings together diplomats, policy practitioners, faculty, and leading experts in various disciplines for academic collaboration, policy recommendations, and scholarship. The Program aims to provide a forum for redefining the roles of diplomacy in an increasingly globalized and interdependent world, which is characterized by the rise of new international actors, the emergence of contentious political debates within democratic countries, and the relative rise of authoritarian states. It also seeks to identify the skills that would enable diplomats, negotiators, and representatives of public and private institutions to address problems with sophistication, cultural competence and sectoral expertise. 

Goals to achieve broad human progress, as set forth in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, require not only a new look at the emerging global challenges but a new look at diplomacy's capacity to deal with them. One of RDP's principal goals is to highlight the importance of the combination of soft skills (e.g. communication, cultural awareness, ability to negotiate) and expertise in public health, demography, environment, energy, trade, finance, water, food and other areas in which Duke University features strong academic programs. Through the exchange of ideas, technical expertise, knowledge of world regions, and interaction with practitioners, the Program prepares Duke students and fellows with skills that would enable them to succeed in pursuit of their academic goals and beyond. 

The Rethinking Diplomacy Program is supported by a grant from the Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation Endowment Fund.

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"What Diplomacy Can Do For You: Rethinking Diplomacy for Tomorrow"

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Insights from the inaugural event:

Diplomacy can meet urgent and complicated 21st century challenges, but only by taking a fresh look at the tools used to make it work, W. Robert Pearson, former U.S. ambassador to Turkey and former director general of the U.S. foreign service said at Duke on January 23. “Truth is elusive. Knowledge is imperfect. Things happen,” Robert Pearson said. “This is forever work, as long as we inhabit the globe.”

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Robert Pearson: "What Diplomacy Can Do For You: Rethinking Diplomacy for Tomorrow"_ Highlights

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Rethinking Diplomacy: Analysis&Opinions

The Rethinking Diplomacy Analysis & Opinions column features analyses, policy briefs, and commentaries on the future of diplomacy in relation to science, technology, environment, health, space, energy, infrastructure, debt, trade, supply chains, and other disciplines/areas/topics of interest to the program. Check our latest posts:


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