Protesting legislation against CEU, 2017
Photo: EPA/Zoltan Balogh

4/3/17: A controversial ruling by the Hungarian Parliament could mean serious trouble for the Central European University in Budapest, an institution founded in 1991 by American financier George Soros. The legal decision could mean that CEU will be forced to close its doors and cease operations in Hungary.

Duke University Provost Sally Kornbluth has expressed her support of CEU in a letter recently released to the Duke University community.  Malachi Hacohen, Director of The Duke University Council for European Studies, has issued a statement, noting: 


The Duke Council of European Studies has maintained for over a decade a close working relationship with humanities and social science colleagues at the Central European University, collaborating on topics as "Jewish cosmopolitanism," "Political Messianism," "Narrating Antisemitism," and "The Roma in Contemporary Europe." Duke's collaboration with CEU has included cosponsorship of several conferences and summer school sessions in Budapest and Durham (NC) and joint publications of Duke and CEU faculty. A project on Roma and Jews is presently envisioned. We express our support for the CEU efforts to maintain the integrity of the institution. 

 Further public support of CEU has come from The Duke University Office of Global Affairs, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of California Berkeley, New York University and the University of Vienna, among many other institutions

Education and the Commercial Mindset Book Cover

11/21/16: Congratulations to Council for European Studies guest speaker, Samuel E. Abrams, who has published a new book Education and the Commercial Mindset (Harvard University Press, 2016). The publication has received a positive review from The New York Times for its timely and in-depth look at the privatization of the educational system in the United States.

Abrams visited the CES on April 20, 2016, and spoke on the topic of 'Education, Business and Conflict.'