Malachi Haim Hacohen (Ph.D., Columbia) is Bass Fellow, Associate Professor of History, Political Science and Religion, Slavic, German and Jewish studies. He is also the Director of the Council for European Studies at Duke University, and Program Director of Religions and Public Life at the Kenan Institute of Ethics. His Karl Popper – The Formative Years, 1902–1945: Politics and Philosophy in Interwar Vienna (Cambridge, 2000) has won the Herbert Baxter Adams Prize of the AHA and the Victor Adler State Prize. He has published essays on the Central European Jewish intelligentsia, Cold War liberalism, and cosmopolitanism and Jewish identity in The Journal of Modern History, The Journal of the History of Ideas, History and Theory, History of Political Economy, Jewish Social Studies, and other journals and collections. His Jacob & Esau Between Nation and Empire: A Jewish European History is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.


Deirdre White is a cultural anthropologist and classical musician with a special interest in the interrelationship between music and First Nations peoples. She is Program Coordinator of Council for European Studies at Duke University, as well as coordinator of the Africa Initiative at Duke University, the Triangle Intellectual History Seminar and the North Carolina Jewish Studies Seminar.  She holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from New York University, and her forthcoming Masters Thesis (Cultural Anthropology, University of Alberta, 2017), ‘The Social Life of Sound: Urban Indigenous Youth, Hip Hop and Hardcore,’ centers on the ways in which musical engagement has impacted the emotional and social well-being of  Métis, First Nations and First Nations-allied youth in Canada and the U.S.