Vienna Summer School

Original photograph by Christoph Sammer. 

Photo by Emmanual DYAN


Duke has had an exchange program with the Vienna International Summer University (now Vienna Summer School) since its inception in 2001. The flagship program, Scientific World Conceptions, has proved of particular interest to Duke’s faculty and graduate students. Each July, an international group of about thirty graduate students and postdocs, and three renowned international scholars – philosophers, scientists and historians – meet for two weeks in Vienna for an intensive study of a central issue in science and its culture.  There are lectures, seminars and research workshops as well as explorations of the Vienna Circle legacy, and Vienna’s culinary virtues.

Photo by Thomas Fabian

Four to ten Duke students, coming from various disciplines, including philosophy, history, political science, economics and literature, have participated in VSS each year. Students have significantly benefited from this program by establishing international networks, expanding their interdisciplinary education, and, in some cases, sharpening their research focus, and many testify that the program has contributed significantly to advancing their professional career.  More information about this program is available online.


Professor Malachi Hacohen is the Duke University coordinator, and, in Vienna, Professor Friedrich Stadler.