Dr. Ambika Aiyadurai

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Dr. Ambika Aiyadurai

SSRC Junior Research Fellow

Ambika Aiyadurai is an anthropologist of wildlife conservation with a special interest in human-animal relations and community-based conservation projects. Her ongoing and long-term research aims are to understand how local and global forces shape the human-animal relations. After spending a few years as a wildlife biologist, her interest in Anthropology began while examining human-dhole conflict in Arunachal Pradesh (Northeast India). She has worked with research institutes and conservation NGOs and has published on the issues of wildlife conservation, human-animal relations and wildlife hunting by indigenous communities in the Eastern Himalayas.

Ambika is now an Assistant Professor (Anthropology) in Indian Institute of Technology – Gandhinagar.  She completed her PhD thesis in Anthropology from the National University of Singapore in 2016. She is trained in both natural and social sciences with masters’ degrees in Wildlife Sciences from Wildlife Institute of India (Dehradun) and Anthropology, Environment and Development from University College London (UK) funded by Ford Foundation’s International Fellowship Program. In 2017, she was awarded the Social Sciences Research Council (SSRC) Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellowship to examine community-based wildlife projects in Northeast India, China and Bhutan. She is currently a visiting scholar at Global Asia Initiative, Duke University.

Email address: a.ambika@iitgn.ac.in