Dr. Prasenjit Duara

Global Asia Initiative Director

Dr. Prasenjit Duara is the Oscar Tang Chair of East Asian Studies at Duke University and the Director of the Global Asia Initiative with research interests in modern Chinese social and cultural history, nationalism and transnationalism, history and poststructuralist theory, historical sociology, historical philosophy and historiography.

Dr. Yan Gao

Global Asia Initiative Postdoctoral Research Fellow 

Dr. Yan Gao is the 2017-2018 postdoctoral research fellow for the Global Asia Initiative. Her research topics include (but not limited to) late imperial and modern Chinese history; China’s social and environmental history; civil society/public sphere in historical and contemporary China; global environmental history; history of water and rivers; environmental humanities, digital humanities. Dr. Gao received her Ph.D. from the department of history from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012. 


Global Asia Initiative Staff Specialist